The folly of not knowing when to stop

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Leaders often consider quitting a taboo. They tend to overlook the upside of quitting an initiative that’s a failure waiting to happen. However, leadership gurus believe that quitting doesn’t necessarily equate to failure and that knowing when to stop is critical for a more fruitful and rewarding leadership.

There’s no concrete explanation as to what goes on inside the mind of a leader who can’t seem to stop a certain initiative that’s bound to fail. Perhaps that leader has a dogged determination, a distorted pride, or unrealistic expectations. The list could be endless but it all comes down to the impact of running a flawed effort to the organization and to the leader.

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When a flawed project or idea becomes an elephant in the room, the organization’s potential to flourish as a progressive pool of creative people becomes stunted. Leadership experts believe that such stagnation is a big hurdle to success. When the leader cannot admit that an effort isn’t showing signs of strength, the organization suffers and great talents get stuck working on the wrong things. The same goes for a leader who stays complacent with a mediocre idea that seems to be contributing to the organization’s increased chances of failure.

The solution is simple – admit failure. However, this task can be hard for leaders who see pride as a difficult pill to swallow. That being said, admitting failure can be done in a more authoritative way – by implying a need to correct or change course and implement solutions which benefit the entire organization.

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