How the Facebook COO champions female leadership

sheryl sandberg
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Sheryl Sandberg is one of the most successful women in Silicon Valley. She is the chief operating officer of Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site with over 1 billion active users. Her influence over the company has greatly contributed to her status as one of most powerful women in the world today, as Forbes and TIME magazine attested.

Aside from being a successful businesswoman, Sheryl Sandberg is known for her involvement in female empowerment. While other successful women in the corporate world shy away from feminism, Facebook’s COO has embraced it and made it her mission. “Sheryl Sandberg is exactly what feminist activists hope for: a woman who is at the highest levels of corporate America who is using her powerful position and platform to push for gender equality,” writes Nisha Chittal of the Huffington Post.

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While attending the recent World Economic Forum, Sheryl Sandberg has called out the stereotyping of female leaders as “aggressive and unlikable.” She provides this explanation: “Think of it like a marathon. Everyone’s cheering the men on. The messages for women are different: are you sure you want to run, don’t you want to run, don’t you have kids at home? We have to talk about this.”

In her book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, Sheryl Sandberg encourages women to “lean in” and pursue their career instead of backing out from the corporate world in order to fulfill their responsibilities at home. She draws out on her own experience as proof that it’s not impossible for women to be both successful in the office and at home.

Indeed, Sheryl Sandberg has championed female leadership by breaking out of the pack to successfully manage her career while being a wife and a mother.

Lean In
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Gary Wandschneider points out that one of the qualities of effective leaders is the ability to break out of the pack. Read more articles on leadership here.


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