Forbes: No such thing as a “best” leadership style

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Managers, executives, and organizational leaders who want to tap into “the best leadership style” are in for a rude awakening. According to this Forbes article, there is no such thing. In isolation, that is.

The success of any organization depends on the management and direction of those who are given leadership roles. Companies invest heavily in seminars, workshops, and other activities and materials that aim to improve and harness the leadership abilities of their employees and top executives. While no ultimate style has been propped up as “the one,” Forbes stresses that leadership morphs according to a company’s workplace dynamics. Any foregoing style developed in a specific workplace requires time, practice, and adjustments.

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The article also strongly emphasizes the cornerstones of effective leadership – integrity, authenticity, and the ability to “walk the talk.” Combined with genuine passion for the job and interest in the welfare of subordinates, leadership forges fruitful trust-based relationships. These in turn build powerful relationships not only within the organization, but with clients and affiliates as well.

Additionally, Forbes urges leaders to own their styles and have confidence in them, no matter how unconventional. Managers and executives would do well to strike a balance between keeping employees happy and ensuring they deliver expected output and uphold company rules and values.

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Gary Wandschneider is the driving force behind the leadership module, A View from the Front Row. Visit this Facebook page for tips on leadership and organizational culture.


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